MRE: A stab at game deign

Alright, so a MRE table top game is something i've been trying to decide on for a while, it's something that would fit and as well would partner with the guides, allowing them to serve a secondary purpose. they might not have stats, but hopefully the game will be modular enough that reading something about death knights would let you add in different parts and make the new monster in this purely fluff book. That is the design idea anyway. Monsters won't so much just be just bits and pieces of key words, but a health does of key words combined with judgment and rolled into the mechanics should allow you to make any kind of monster.

frankly in a lot of table top games, surrounding and element ties and a few special abilities is what really makes a monster, so a design like this doesn't really take anything away from it it just kind of lays it out flat. but even with int he key words there should be some wiggle room. It's a design idea i currently like, and largely how i design. I look at something, break it into parts, and then just play with the parts it can be don't on multi levels, and hopefully this can be reflected somewhat int he end product.

the game right now is a d100 system idea, i like it because it's rather clean cut. you roll you have a chance to do soemthing, at it's base it is the easiest to explain to some one "okay, roll these it will give you a number, if it is lower then the number on yoru sheet you passed." As well, degrees of success should come into play. sure you have a 40% chance of doing it,but you should also have a chance of doing it better. it shouldn't ever be game breaking, but it should always be impactful, right now i am going with a system of ten. every ten lower you rolled then the nessary number is a degree of success. so if you had a 46 and get 27 you get one degree of success where as 26 would be two. degrees of success is where things would be markably different. combat it might improve your chances to hit, where as climbing it might give a bonus to movement.

It's not a difficult concept and right there dictates a lot of how the game will be played. As well oposing roles are a concept i like. For melee combat it adds a sense of dynamic combat, you're actively rolling against someone, rather then static defences. So let's say character A has 50 in attack, and Character B has 50 in parry. character A attacks, get a 50 dead on. character B simply has to pass his parry to black the attack. Character A gets a 29, now B has to roll under 30 thanks to A's 2 degrees of success. a very successful Parry i'm not sure right now, perhaps a bonus if on their next turn they atack the person whom attack them. So if A rolled 50 and B got 23, and B's attack is also 50, if on his next turn he attacks A he counts as having a 70. This is also where degrees of success would come in handy, as A still only has a 50 in parrying, A still stands a good chance to block, but B has a longer range for degrees of sucess thus is more likely to succeed. This would work well in melee combat, in ranged combat a similar system could be used, however a super successful dodge granting a damage bonus doesn't make the most amount of sense. this will be addressed in the future.

Stats! They will be a out of 100 as well, allowing them to be tested directly. Currently there is 8. Strength, Endurance, Reaction, Agility, Intuition, Logic, Willpower, Personality.

These are of course highly subject to change, and likely will be. but as it stands, here we are.

strength is clearly your heavy lifting, throwing, melee damage and so on stat.

Endurance will determine things like hit points, how well you stand up to being poisoned, stuff like that.

Reaction is a reactionary (a shock) stat used for dodging, likely parrying, might get rolled into agility if i can't do too much with it. will also likely be your initiative score and one you use for whack-a-mole

Agility: Aka Quickness, Aka, Dextarity, AKA, the hitting stuff, walking a tight rope, doing a cartwheel, nimble fingers, stat.

Intuition, your gut feeling, Something isn't right. We should trust him, This looks like the grounding wire, i think. It's your first mental reaction to a situation.

Loagic, this is used for math, computers, detective work, actual bomb defusing, if you know how electronics work. Stuff like that.

Will Power: your force of will. this is a more passive stat, it keeps you out of getting conned, working while you want to pass out, driving you forward when you just want to sleep. Or stopping you from doing something compulsive like eat all the sandwiches when you just ate a bagel

Personality: Also could be presence. This how well people take notice of you. When you enter the room, does it hush, does no one notice, as well this is what makes you the smooth talker or the best person to convince the terrorist to put his gun down because you are just so overwhelming, your threats to blow up the world if they don't stop first is actually convincing.

Stars will range from 1 to high, pure blooded human maximum is likely being put at 75, though those of mixed race might find themselves able to raise it above, though as a price.  Average should be about 30? it's a decent chance of success, but isn't really going to do it all the time. body builder and such will have like 50 strength and what not.


Now it's capped at 50, assumed average is 25.

Special Stat: Knack. Knack measures one's magical ability, this starts off much lower. and the human maximum is around 50 or 60. I figure each character baring defects would start with a knack of 10, this representing a chance to just happen into magic. but any more is purchased during character generation like any other stat, and as well levels up like an other stat.

Update: knack is now capped at 40. starts at 5. for free.


I have no fucking idea right now. Can't just use straight stat + skill points, can i? mechanically i have a system for going over 100, but it's not really something i designed to be progressed into. Another idea is to use 1/10th of their stat as the base and from there it is bought up, so by virtue of being kinda strong, you have a 5% chance of doing anythign strength related. maybe you add in half. one fifth? there needs to be some kind of single system here. and i need to figure this out. I will talk to some other design people, see what they think. and get back to this.

This right now is my hardest part. i can easily figure out what skills do, how they interact, but not what they are or how i get them.

system for going over 100 (kinda)

Basically, at 90, your chances of success are so great, it's pointless to roll, right? that is why nothing will ever reach 91. instead we get into theoretical. Basically rolling for 45 and under twice is the same as rolling once for 90 and under. And so this is what happens. it might get changes to 80, so there's no real point where you are like "aw yeah, always win time" So it would be represented as (1)45, the number in brackets being how many extra d100s you roll for this skill or stat check.

With this, if either roll was under the designated number it is a success. however, degrees of success only enter into it when both are rolled under. this means you are likely to succeed but not necessarily super win. Alternate idea, degrees of success if one is over is halved? i'm not sure the language to use, but basically 25 and 60 would be a success with one degree of success under this.

the number in the brackets is functionally infinite, but each time it is set back to 45 (40 is 80 is used) each time you add a number to it. so (1)90 becomes (2)45, and so forth.

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