MRE: Random Undead Dump

Ash Wraith

Occouring around sights of large fires where in people died. they are similar to ghosts as they are aspects of the minds of th epeopel who died, though most are compisits, some a single person, however they have now also metaphorically been consumed by fire. these pyromanic spectres strive to burn everything. As time goes on they gain pooiwer, and gain more of a mind. Eventaully seeking to destroy all they reminder from their life. Probably in hope to reclaim their lost life in same twisted way.

While they rarely possess any pyrokentic ability, their embers are forever red hot, and can easily start fires on contact. These can be used as projectiles, giving them a limited ability to attack at a range. However most likely they will just attempt to start the fire and flee when confronted.

If the embers are cooled or smothered the ash wraith will dissipate, but if their ashes are ever relit, they might return.

Glowing Screaming Skeleton

How these creatures came to be remains a mystery at large. What is known is that despite the fact they both give off light, and are constantly emitting a blood curlicuing scream of death, they are masters at ambush.

This is due to their ability to teleport. How or why they do so is unknown, but you can quickly find yourself surrounded byt he warm glow and cry of death these monsters bring, and just like that they leave once more, their victum claimed.

Luckily they are no more durable then a typical skeleton, but do attack with out cause or warning.

Walking Skin

A rather disturbing form of undead, used due to their cheapness to make, and as well the fact that when utilizing skeletons it allows you to use the remains. Literally the reanimated skin of a creature, commonly humans, they move around slowly and are really gross to look at, luckily they are easy to deal with, light and think, bladed weapons take them apart.

But Seriously. super. gross.


Right now just a theoretical being, however, if such a being was created it would likely spell the end of the world. the power and knowledge of a demi lich combined with the pure brute strength of a semi truck. my god.


Not really undead persay, but is typically a still living being under the effects of a reanimation spell, such as create skeleton. This leaves the victum as an unwilling thrall, but with out the benifit of being dead and unaware of their fate. Complicated to create, they are rarely seen, but worth noting as that killing the victum doesn't do anything, they simply become whatever undead they were being controlled as.

Some cults dedicated to liches undergo this process willingly in hopes of gleaming a sort of immortality from it, however just end up being utilized as reusable pawns.

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