MRE: Poltergeist

Poltergeist are a collective of semi form ghosts conglomerated in a single location.

First and foremost is should be noted that there is no singular entity in a poltergeist, it is infact a psychokinetic mass of semi formed beings that if more powerful might have formed into ghosts focused into one area. though the term "A poltergeist" is technically correct, to deal with it as though it was a singular intelligence would be a mistake.

Poltergeist are an unintelligent form of incorporeal undead. That isn't to say they aren't capable of cleverness, but they operate on pure emotions rather then any kind of rational plan. They lash out simply because they hate. there is nothing deeper there. as well, as more semi-formed ghosts are made part of it, the more powerful it becomes, even reportedly being able to over power entirely formed semi intelligent incorporeal undead.

In such an event the poltergeist can become a devastating event to deal with, formidable as it is normally. comprised of multiple memories, goals can become confusing, and tactics varied. It is note worthy that despite extreme cases poltergeist are bound to a single area, though maximum size isn't set until it's creation, one recorded covered over 3 square kilometres and was able to terrorize its entire length for long periods of time.

Poltergeist however, are not naturally forming and are generally tied to an event or reason for being there. mass suicides, disrupted rest, and mass murder are among the chief reasons they form, but there are possible others. Learning their reason for existing is the primary way to deal with it. usually by exacting revenge, stopping the cause for mass suicide or settling the 'spirits' there are often the easiest way that does not involve vast amounts of magical resources to directly combat the force of the poltergeist.

Direct confrontation is never advisable, and often entering the area it exists is dangerous until the time in which you are going to set them to rest.

Detection methods are similar to ghosts, however as they are necessarily malicious what starts of as simple shows of power, stacking chairs in odd ways, causing food left in an area to rot incredibly fast, ect, can quickly turn violent and if you suspect an area to be inhabited by a poltergeist vacate immediately and research this location.

Under no circumstances should you ever return unprepared. items left behind are forfeit, and sending other persons to retrieve them will resault in loss of life.


MRE: Spectre

Spectres are spirits of the deceased returned with a vengeance. Bound to physical objects they are reminiscent of an incorporeal lich.

This sounds as if it would be a creature far deadly then the lich could dream of being, but sadly due to their limitations it can never be true. Unlike the lich who are free thinking capable of amending goals and even completing them and moving on to find new goals, the spectre exists largely for one goal. Once this goal is achieved they tend to go into a rest period until such a point where it can be achieved again or an outside source forces them awake.

In addition, Spectres tend to have rules to their method. Such as can only kill victims when they scream, can only attack while they're sleeping, only people wearing purple, so on. the allows you to better fight them as any weakness learned can be exploited. As well, what they are bound to in the after life is directly based on their life. A spectre of a doll maker for example would be bound to one, some, or most of his dolls for example. The destruction of this link is enough to destroy the spectre permanently, unlike the lich who can rebuild from just their body.

These disadvantages however do not make them easy to deal with. as intelligent in death as they were in life and with a host of new ghostly abilities the spectre tends to set up long term plans for whatever their twisted goal is. sending parts of the things they are bound to for a wider area to spread their terror is a common trend, or is used as a lure if they are trying to kill specific people.

the are aware of their weaknesses, know what they are bound to, and can plan accordingly. often if multiple objects are involved one or more may be hidden as a fail-safe against discovery. possessing skills from life they can usually utilize them in their schemes. this becomes less useful for a spectre of a construction worker, but for an former actor or puppeteer it becomes invaluable, able to lead people to their untimely death.

A spectre's creation is never the same for any one of them. Typically it involves the person being connected to dark magic and being murdered in a traumatic manner. There are those who choose this fate on their death bed figuring revenge is better then a peaceful rest, and there are even some who had no intention of becoming such and happen into it. All said, the person the spectre was was largely evil to begin with, and death removed any good once held within them. The new creature while identifiable them, possessing all their memories, and for all intents and purposes are them, possess none of their good qualities and exist only to bring about death for whatever purpose they desired at the time of death.

Goals typically include death of a blood line, or of people who laughed at them, people who do a certain act, really anything that might have annoyed them in life or is related to their death could be a target.

Hunting a spectre involves finding out a lot of good information about the person they were as they are so interconnected to their former lives. Knowing how they died and what they did in life will greatly increase your chances of defeating them. As well they are one of the few types of undead where indiscriminate property damage is advisable. burning down the former doll maker's out int he middle of nowhere workshop where he tried to make a living doll will greatly improve your ability to destroy it. Not only was the bulk of their connection there, they might become frightened enough to go into hiding for a while. This allows you to regroup, study more and hunt down their remaining parts with little interference. also, it's pretty satisfying.

Each Spectre is highly unique, so general advice is hard to come by, however for fending them off most weapons tat handle ghosts will work to hold them off but will never be enough to destroy them. Learning what needs to be true for them to kill is also important, it it takes physical cues rigging a system where that possibly happen is a good idea, for example clamping your mouth shut to not scream or laugh when seeing it.

Just because it has gone dormant doesn't mean you have defeated it is an important thing to remember. Spectres, while driven by revenge, aren't stupid. hiding because a arsonist is trying to destroy them is a very solid plan from their end. short of any kind of magic, discovering what they have made and trying to trace it down is the best bet when they seem to have been defeated. They will typically still move to defend the last parts of them, and are just as powerful with one functional connection as they would be with all of them so do not assume you have them nessarily on the ropes. however, with fewer resources their available actions are a bit more liited, and unless they have the ability to connect to more after death you can leave them in a reduced state for some time before they even attempt revenge again.

In summary, Spectres are a diverse bunch, require learning about their life before death, and can be largely solved by large amounts of property damage.


MRE: Game Demon

Game demons are arguably one of the most encountered types of demons. Most any story about a Ouija board, or game that plays its self contains such a creature.

The demons themselves are formless in real space, and often are tiny in the abyss, but that doesn't mean they are powerless. They are keen soul thieves, and cruel beyond compare. They also have a host of psychic abilities such as mind reading, thought projection, and the ability to cause their victim to hallucinate.

The ability to read minds is by far their greatest tool, allowing them to sucker you in with promises you want, or keeping you drawn in to write some wrong it claims to have committed.As well, the price for losing is your soul, and quite obviously, death.

Commonly these are found in old board games, if it is a two player game they will commonly take the form of the second player in a game with possibly the highest stakes. if it has multiple players, it will prey on all of them, hoping to lead them to violence against one another. However, they have been breaking into electronic media. Luckily they don't seem to have the same power over optical media, and all digital media lacks physical form and thus can not be possessed so in a few years this might not even be a concern anymore.

The common game demon will often start of simply toyign with its prey. showing signs that soemthing is not as it seems, maybe game pieces are wrong (headless knights), or things in the game don't normally exist (Hellscape Terrace), to wrong audio cues. Over time however, it starts to show its real face. outwardly taunting the victim with horrible things that no other could know. Often trying to make it seem as though they have been responsible for every bad thing in the victim's life, but if they win here their luck might turn around. This however, is completely a lie.

Luckily, they are bound by rules. both by the rules of the game, which can be broken if the player consents such as money for landing on park place and other home rules, and by ones defined by some other power. Firstly they can not control the player. they can not read the player's mind to predict their next move, and they can not outright kill the player once the game has begun. Breaking these rules is often met with instant backlash from an unknown source and will lead to the eventaul downfall of the demon if they are not careful.

This is also not to say that they can not game around these. There has been cases where a game demon in a chess board trained their prey to play chess over years. They became an expert chess player under the tutelage of the demon, however, once it sprang its trap, knowing only the demon's tactics they were quickly beaten. The motivation for this however, is unknown. It is suspected that they rave challenge in games, and to simply beat a child or novice is no fun.

Defeating a game demon is not overly difficult. Destroying its vessel will return it back to the abyss, and destroying it within the proper confines will kill the demon outright as they can not exist in our world independently.

However, once you have engaged a game demon in its game, expect a mental onslaught forcing you to face your greatest fears, and if you do not possess the mental fortitude to persevere as your dead relatives tell you everything they hate about you while murdering your mother, it is best to just destroy your next game demon before seeing what makes it tick.