MRE: Random Undead Dump

Ash Wraith

Occouring around sights of large fires where in people died. they are similar to ghosts as they are aspects of the minds of th epeopel who died, though most are compisits, some a single person, however they have now also metaphorically been consumed by fire. these pyromanic spectres strive to burn everything. As time goes on they gain pooiwer, and gain more of a mind. Eventaully seeking to destroy all they reminder from their life. Probably in hope to reclaim their lost life in same twisted way.

While they rarely possess any pyrokentic ability, their embers are forever red hot, and can easily start fires on contact. These can be used as projectiles, giving them a limited ability to attack at a range. However most likely they will just attempt to start the fire and flee when confronted.

If the embers are cooled or smothered the ash wraith will dissipate, but if their ashes are ever relit, they might return.

Glowing Screaming Skeleton

How these creatures came to be remains a mystery at large. What is known is that despite the fact they both give off light, and are constantly emitting a blood curlicuing scream of death, they are masters at ambush.

This is due to their ability to teleport. How or why they do so is unknown, but you can quickly find yourself surrounded byt he warm glow and cry of death these monsters bring, and just like that they leave once more, their victum claimed.

Luckily they are no more durable then a typical skeleton, but do attack with out cause or warning.

Walking Skin

A rather disturbing form of undead, used due to their cheapness to make, and as well the fact that when utilizing skeletons it allows you to use the remains. Literally the reanimated skin of a creature, commonly humans, they move around slowly and are really gross to look at, luckily they are easy to deal with, light and think, bladed weapons take them apart.

But Seriously. super. gross.


Right now just a theoretical being, however, if such a being was created it would likely spell the end of the world. the power and knowledge of a demi lich combined with the pure brute strength of a semi truck. my god.


Not really undead persay, but is typically a still living being under the effects of a reanimation spell, such as create skeleton. This leaves the victum as an unwilling thrall, but with out the benifit of being dead and unaware of their fate. Complicated to create, they are rarely seen, but worth noting as that killing the victum doesn't do anything, they simply become whatever undead they were being controlled as.

Some cults dedicated to liches undergo this process willingly in hopes of gleaming a sort of immortality from it, however just end up being utilized as reusable pawns.


MRE: The Lich

The lich is by far one of the most powerful undead out in the world. The magic alone necessary to make one denotes how powerful the person was in life. several rituals are known for the process, all typically requiring a significant amount of magic to perform and often human sacrifice. the lich's soul is then kept in a vessel, typically a ring, or something easily hidden acting as a phylactery As long as it exists, the lich is functionally immortal.

However time does ware on the lich's body. over time bones do become more brittle, however its powerful magical essence will stop it from ever truly falling apart. Many embrace this change, seeing it as transcending into demi-lichdom, with powers rivalling a demi-god with knowledge of thousands of years. Others fear this, and go to lengths to see it stopped, even going as far as bronzing their bones, giving their body more durability and a form that will never truly rot away.

All liches are skeletal. during the ritual, their blood becomes a slight acid, making them feel untold pain, and burning away all flesh from their bones. Though there is a ritual that does not do this, the flesh still rots away in time, even with proper embalming, they will never pass as human again. However, most have powerful enough magic that this no longer matters, they can control thralls to acquire whatever they might need, or even have willing servants going out into the world for them.

Event he weakest of the liches rival the most powerful archmages human have to rival. if a lich so despires, much of the world could lay in ruin at their feet. Luckily liches are typically short sighted, and as tiem goes on earthly desires die entirely and they begin to gleam a bigger picture, that largely leaves them just to study their magic, and explore unearthly places.

Luckily, despite their power, liches aren't impossible to deal with. like most mages, they require specif movements to cast spells, their bones grow brital with time, so with proper distractions and close combat, they can be rendered generally ineffectual. however, they are able to channel their power into their touch, causing rot similar to that of a mummy, so if a hunter leaves and opening, it might be their last. Luckily this seems to be rather taxing so all but the very desperate, or very powerful tend to avoid using this. As well, there are a number of rituals available to track the essence from the defeated lich's body to its phylactery, which then properly dealt with destroys the lich forever.

It is commonly beleived that destroying the phylactery before defeating th elich will weaken it, this is not true, and sometimes the reserve can be true. Though killing it then will kill it forever, since part of it is left in the phylactery, you effectively just made th elich whole for the time being, though most tend to keep just the basic power in its phylactery, some leave a lot of pwoer there, causing you to just make a deadly foe more deadly.

It is worth stating that when the MRE has gone up against powerful liches in the past, there has often been pledged support from outide factions. Typically the MRI like to assist in hopes of learning more secrets of magic, as well to steal tomes or at least stake a claim to them so that the MRE is forced to share whatever secrets may lie with in. However, there has been times where Witches of the white have sent a small ditactment to assist, requesting no payment, and as well choirs of angels have appeared to assist in the final push in more then one lich assault. The Order of the black lotus' suggestion 'just attack its hand and library' have not been helpful however.

Most intereswting of all however was when a small band of dwarves appeared, and in clear english announced that they were going to help destroy this lich once and for all. It is beleived that the lich had been at war with these dwarfs, but all the same this was a one of a kind event. the dwarf ritualist proving to be almost a match for the lich its self. However after its defeat the dwarfs were nto to kind at helping the contact team leave its liar, claimign it as part of their dominoin, and it wa sonly by their good graces the contact team was not killed on sight.

In closing, Liches are powerful foes, but with proper planning, and ability, they are not much more difficult to deal with then a living wizard, however, they are never to be under estimated, as they are wily as they are old, and their liars and minds are laden with traps.


MRE: The Fey

I wrote a guide on demons, and it wasn't really, fitting to my standards, which are shockingly low. So, i'm trying to think of better ways to work with the fey.

So, what are the fey?

The fey are in some respects nature spirits, but they aren't of this realm, in fact coming from what i am right now calling "The Green" because i'm original as fuck. However, they still represent aspects of earth's nature, similar to dragons. So that means there is fey for each spiritual element.

Earth, Wind, fire, water, wood, steel, and that's probably all of them? All that comes to mind.

So, in theory, all fey can be fit into one of the six categories. steel could be included in earth, but let's not get intot hat yet.

Anyway, so yeah each fey can be tied to these, can manipulate them to high degree and whathave you. liek the dryad is a wood fey, and as such most of their magic is related to wood (boner joke) such as tree stepping, barkskin, as well as commanding lesser wood fey creatures like ents and such what.

Nixie and nymphs would be water fey, capible of basic to more advanced hydromancy, as well as illusions and ice, and cold. Water is a powerful element, but then Water is a powerful thing.

Wind would be the domain of sylphs and pixies, be shit like flying pushing, sumoning whirlwinds, and so on. Wind is a powerful but indirect element, wind slwoly breaks you down, but can also just some in and smash you apart though for a limited time, this is soemthign that should be reflected. as well as should be storms. so a lightning fey would be a wind fey

Earth is a hard element, maybe iw on't use it since that would be they wouldn't necessarily have. i will look into it. but right now, it's with steel in that it might not be the best thing to use

Fire is the death leading to new life element. though fire destroys all it touches, in nature it brings on change. Also fire is really unrepresented in mythology. Fire is typically tied to evil forces (logically so, it destroys homes and needs to be controlled to be a tool) but i got some idears for that. right now is an unnamed branch of creature with basically the opisate sex dis morphia of that of humans. females are larger, more muscular, valuing strength and muscle, where the men are shorter whisp, this taken to some extremes, because they fey should be about the extreme. as well the Salamander could be a fey creature. id didn't tie to the demonic, so it's still up for grabs.

Steel, iunno, i kinda like the idea of elven like creatures, that are a mix of knights in shining armour and the tin man. though clearly not tin, cause for reasons i have not yet reasoned, tin fucks fey magic. maybe steel fey are the one that can get around it.

simple sprites are from every element, where as pixies are about 3 feet tall, sprites are about half that, as well, they aren't too bright. able to follow instruction, but their child like mind doesn't really let them be too useful. These are creatures often looked on with distaste and if they are tempting someone to become fey blooded quickly will be sacrificed to give them their blood.

Then there are the arch fey. who excist above others, they are not nesarily bound to an element, generally being of several, or all of them. They however aren't really born as made. Though fey are functioanlly immortal, as some age they get mor epwoerful, these will eventaully become arch fey. They are hundreds of thousands of years old, some of them lost any human like apperance they once had and now are more the elements that made them. like one would be a small lake with trees surrounding them, they are still very aware of their area, and are able to manifest a form if they need to directly interact, but it seen as petty to do so.

fey have alien minds, they don't think and reason like humans would. Urgency is not a concern, as the fey are basically immortal (even elves living for thousands of years) and come from a wholly different world. this is the hardest thing to convey, as it is being written by a human, human like motives are attached or they just seem directionless and stupid.

This is soemthing i will need to plug away on. i got some interesting ideas design wise, but it is hard to put into words.


MRE: A stab at game deign

Alright, so a MRE table top game is something i've been trying to decide on for a while, it's something that would fit and as well would partner with the guides, allowing them to serve a secondary purpose. they might not have stats, but hopefully the game will be modular enough that reading something about death knights would let you add in different parts and make the new monster in this purely fluff book. That is the design idea anyway. Monsters won't so much just be just bits and pieces of key words, but a health does of key words combined with judgment and rolled into the mechanics should allow you to make any kind of monster.

frankly in a lot of table top games, surrounding and element ties and a few special abilities is what really makes a monster, so a design like this doesn't really take anything away from it it just kind of lays it out flat. but even with int he key words there should be some wiggle room. It's a design idea i currently like, and largely how i design. I look at something, break it into parts, and then just play with the parts it can be don't on multi levels, and hopefully this can be reflected somewhat int he end product.

the game right now is a d100 system idea, i like it because it's rather clean cut. you roll you have a chance to do soemthing, at it's base it is the easiest to explain to some one "okay, roll these it will give you a number, if it is lower then the number on yoru sheet you passed." As well, degrees of success should come into play. sure you have a 40% chance of doing it,but you should also have a chance of doing it better. it shouldn't ever be game breaking, but it should always be impactful, right now i am going with a system of ten. every ten lower you rolled then the nessary number is a degree of success. so if you had a 46 and get 27 you get one degree of success where as 26 would be two. degrees of success is where things would be markably different. combat it might improve your chances to hit, where as climbing it might give a bonus to movement.

It's not a difficult concept and right there dictates a lot of how the game will be played. As well oposing roles are a concept i like. For melee combat it adds a sense of dynamic combat, you're actively rolling against someone, rather then static defences. So let's say character A has 50 in attack, and Character B has 50 in parry. character A attacks, get a 50 dead on. character B simply has to pass his parry to black the attack. Character A gets a 29, now B has to roll under 30 thanks to A's 2 degrees of success. a very successful Parry i'm not sure right now, perhaps a bonus if on their next turn they atack the person whom attack them. So if A rolled 50 and B got 23, and B's attack is also 50, if on his next turn he attacks A he counts as having a 70. This is also where degrees of success would come in handy, as A still only has a 50 in parrying, A still stands a good chance to block, but B has a longer range for degrees of sucess thus is more likely to succeed. This would work well in melee combat, in ranged combat a similar system could be used, however a super successful dodge granting a damage bonus doesn't make the most amount of sense. this will be addressed in the future.

Stats! They will be a out of 100 as well, allowing them to be tested directly. Currently there is 8. Strength, Endurance, Reaction, Agility, Intuition, Logic, Willpower, Personality.

These are of course highly subject to change, and likely will be. but as it stands, here we are.

strength is clearly your heavy lifting, throwing, melee damage and so on stat.

Endurance will determine things like hit points, how well you stand up to being poisoned, stuff like that.

Reaction is a reactionary (a shock) stat used for dodging, likely parrying, might get rolled into agility if i can't do too much with it. will also likely be your initiative score and one you use for whack-a-mole

Agility: Aka Quickness, Aka, Dextarity, AKA, the hitting stuff, walking a tight rope, doing a cartwheel, nimble fingers, stat.

Intuition, your gut feeling, Something isn't right. We should trust him, This looks like the grounding wire, i think. It's your first mental reaction to a situation.

Loagic, this is used for math, computers, detective work, actual bomb defusing, if you know how electronics work. Stuff like that.

Will Power: your force of will. this is a more passive stat, it keeps you out of getting conned, working while you want to pass out, driving you forward when you just want to sleep. Or stopping you from doing something compulsive like eat all the sandwiches when you just ate a bagel

Personality: Also could be presence. This how well people take notice of you. When you enter the room, does it hush, does no one notice, as well this is what makes you the smooth talker or the best person to convince the terrorist to put his gun down because you are just so overwhelming, your threats to blow up the world if they don't stop first is actually convincing.

Stars will range from 1 to high, pure blooded human maximum is likely being put at 75, though those of mixed race might find themselves able to raise it above, though as a price.  Average should be about 30? it's a decent chance of success, but isn't really going to do it all the time. body builder and such will have like 50 strength and what not.


Now it's capped at 50, assumed average is 25.

Special Stat: Knack. Knack measures one's magical ability, this starts off much lower. and the human maximum is around 50 or 60. I figure each character baring defects would start with a knack of 10, this representing a chance to just happen into magic. but any more is purchased during character generation like any other stat, and as well levels up like an other stat.

Update: knack is now capped at 40. starts at 5. for free.


I have no fucking idea right now. Can't just use straight stat + skill points, can i? mechanically i have a system for going over 100, but it's not really something i designed to be progressed into. Another idea is to use 1/10th of their stat as the base and from there it is bought up, so by virtue of being kinda strong, you have a 5% chance of doing anythign strength related. maybe you add in half. one fifth? there needs to be some kind of single system here. and i need to figure this out. I will talk to some other design people, see what they think. and get back to this.

This right now is my hardest part. i can easily figure out what skills do, how they interact, but not what they are or how i get them.

system for going over 100 (kinda)

Basically, at 90, your chances of success are so great, it's pointless to roll, right? that is why nothing will ever reach 91. instead we get into theoretical. Basically rolling for 45 and under twice is the same as rolling once for 90 and under. And so this is what happens. it might get changes to 80, so there's no real point where you are like "aw yeah, always win time" So it would be represented as (1)45, the number in brackets being how many extra d100s you roll for this skill or stat check.

With this, if either roll was under the designated number it is a success. however, degrees of success only enter into it when both are rolled under. this means you are likely to succeed but not necessarily super win. Alternate idea, degrees of success if one is over is halved? i'm not sure the language to use, but basically 25 and 60 would be a success with one degree of success under this.

the number in the brackets is functionally infinite, but each time it is set back to 45 (40 is 80 is used) each time you add a number to it. so (1)90 becomes (2)45, and so forth.

MRE: Undead idea

Glowing screaming skeletons, able to teleport without any outside assistance.

MRE: Angels

The angels appear much like the ones in the herbrew bible. horrible creatures that you'd basiclaly shit your pants or go blind if you saw, acompanied by shit like burning wheels covered in eyes and other horrible things.

Seriously, those things are fucked. up.

What makes them interesting is that the body themselves are mostly vessels, designed to hold the mind of an angel, the actual angel a being of pure energy and thought, normally invisible. As well each body can hold multiple minds. This serves many purposes, the most observed is allowing slain angels to survive, as the being of thought can only exist on their own for a short peroid of time with out any new energy being added or being host in something else. This means so logn as there is another angel near by, or on of the burning eye wheels things, they are basically immortal, and is also why they abhor fighting fallen angels, and try their best to merely maim and damage them, rather then kill them out right.

The eye covered burning wheel is a multi purposed servitor type creature. Able to act as an inter denominational gate, host back up, energy source,  and in extreme cases ordinance. This is why it is typically witnessed around angels, as in the event of an attack it can be used as a quick escape, or back up body if that band of angels is wiped out.

Physical bodies exist only in number of mental bodies, and created from strange creation pools held on the angel's native plane. These pools are guarded to the death, lest fallen angels, or demons gain control of them. Though any body made would be soulless, human souls, properly treated can be used to create new angels, and demons would not be above using their followers to make beings as powerful as some angels, instead of using them for their more twisted means. As such, humans of true intention of spirit are sometimes called on in their time of death to join their ranks. Though all memory of their past is destroyed int he process, parts of their personality remain, hopefully giving the angels a new and stalwart comrade in arms.

Interesting, angels are the only interdenominational being that the blood of such has not been experimented with, likely due to their rarity, only appearing when they are an agenda, and the fact the bodies are destroyed on death, likely to deny fallen angels a possibly recoverable trophy or host.

Fallen Angels

Fallen angels are generally catagoried as demons, as they are often in leige witht hem, but they are infact a seperate creature. Falling their commandre Luicifer to his fall, they were exiled to the abyss among the demons. Despite numerous bids for control, and stories otherwise, Lucifer is not even among the chief powers of the abyss.

Fallen angels physical numbers dwindle each passing year, unable to create new hosts for themselves, each physical angel is often several personalities in one form, the strongest of such controlling the form. Attempts have been made to create new bodies, and some are in fact possessing the undead remains of their original host body, being part of the proto-angels, whom did not self destruct on death. As a result many have gone mad, and resorted to extreme measures to attempt for solitude or singularity in their body, even attempting to bargain with powerful demon lords to aqquire one fo the creation pools fromt he angels  but as such, no such campaign has been launched.


MRE: Manticore

Manticores are horrible monsters, the name meaning literally man eater they live up to it with otu a doubt.

If more numerous they would be the apex predator of most of earth, luckily they are largely still hunted, but not extinct. a feline body near the size of a rhino housing unearthly sharp claws, is one of the most common traits among all types of manticores, whoever there are many off shoots but are all similar enough creatures.

the most deadly of such is probably the goofiest looking. In addition to the large lion like body they have large bat like wings, capable of limited flight, a scorpion like tail, and a head of a man with 3 rows of sharp like teeth. These appear to be the most intelligent, able to actually speak and plan some what clever attacks, in addition the tail quickly produces poison as is able to launch the sharpest point of its tail giving it a deadly ranged attack. Though not necessarily the most poison monster out there, the toxin causes terrible burning, and will often subdue most humans with one barb.

Other variants exist, though it seems to be a game of mix and match. Some have more like like heads, seemign to be less cunning but far more violent, as well they have 4 to six rows of teeth, leaving a single bite moire deadly then a shark's. Others are wingless, but a bit bulkier, making up for their lack of mobility with more muscle mass. As well Reptilian tails are not uncommon. the lack of poison is made up with a creature with a far more durable hide and thicker bones.

It is currently unknown how these differences came about, and if these are one strain of creature, with different stages through maturity, or a result of inter-species breeding. sadly even ones able to talk are far more concerned with their next meal then they are with sharing information.

Currently they have been spotted all the way from italy to south east asia, preferring hot to warm climates, luckily the lack of sighting in the Americas does give some safety if their numbers ever reach critical portions. Luckily they seem to be rare enough that this should not ever be an issue. 

At the current time they are ranked at kill on sight despite being natural to earth.

MRE: Dwarfs

Dwarfs are best described at Tiny Giants. Giants range from 18 to 30 feet tall. With smaller sub races typically being 8 to 15. dwarfs are at best, 4 feet tall. But unmistakably giants.

There are several things to note about giants. They have tight muscle structures, allowing them greater strength from lighter builds, which is then impacted by the fact more of them are brick shit houses. Trolls are a more extreme example of this, most of them being surprising  lanky, but proportionally the strongest giant.Giants also tend to live for centuries, though not as logn as dragons, giants still live for extreme long times. Giants when injured will often enter what is commonly called a giant rampage, where in hormones are released acting as a pain killer but greatly increasing aggressiveness, and since they are most commonly hurt in fights, they tend to just go shit wild and fuck things up.As well as ape like proportions, arms longer legs shorter, though not to the extent of a gorilla, they are unmistakably not human.

Dwarfs have all of these, all in a clean compact package. They are also the most numerous giant, and one of the few that live in large communities. and have developed an advanced civilization parallel to that of humans. They have a hording nature, precious stones, gems, chemicals, knowledge, technology, all that can be of value to them. Even that isn't necessarily useful. A mix of magpies and lore masters.

This said, Towns near by will often notice things missing, usually around the same time every year things just disappear int he night, never really the same thing, unless it looks different, but stuff from cell phones (which baffle dwarfs, being giants) to cars and chairs as the dwarfs collect new things to study. They rarely ever reproduce these things, unless they will better help them big or smith, but simply knowing how they work consumes them.

Dwarfs as a whole lack a strong knack for magic. Though many know how magic works, even better then humans dedicated to its study, their combat mages are often lacklustre, even if they wide spread in spell types. However, magics where knack is less necessary dwarfs excel. dwarven magic weapons, if can be procured are among the finest made on this planet. sturdy built, with strong enchantment, no human has ever matched their ability. As well their ritualists have overcome many obstacle we have not yet been able to overcome. rumoured to bring fallen warriors back from the dead as they fall, while not resorting to necromancy. As well, reports show they have blue prints to make modern nuclear weapons, but have no desire to ever make such a weapon.

Dwarfs are largely consumed with their own affairs, their dealings with humans limited at best, if an object can't be used to mine or smith better, it holds no real value to them. Ones with a large military bend still have some sway and their weapons are almost comparable to humans, however, only on a personal scale, as they have no need for war machines, since the only foe they come across are other giant subtypes which have long since become masters at defeating.

Dwarfs have a rather rigid social structure, the accient lore masters leading the people, as they knwo the most and therefore are the most wise. Dwarfs are given a role in the country as they reach maturity, based on how they have done in their studies, but this is not their role in all life, and they will commonly be moved about depending on strengths shown. All fields of work are values equally, as each is necessary of the dwarven way of life. Even those who can not fit with in normal social structure are thought to be of some use. Used as scouts for new tunnels, or on the surface to make sure they are breakign though. or even to go perform the annual raid on a town to look for new knowledge. This gives event he maladjusted a role in life they can be proud of. This is not to say however, outcasts do not happen.

Dwarf outcasts are among the rarest of dwarfs, living in a society that does the best it can to never exile anyone, these are typically indiviguals who have exiled themselves for personal reasons, and attempt to live out their days seclusion. Or rarer yet, attempt to join in humanity being drawn to it for some reason they can not explain. However these are so rare, it's basically never happened.


MRE: S-Blooded

S-blooded (standing in for Super natural blooded) is a class of humans who have taken it upon themselves to inject themselves with the blood of unearthly creatures.

The typical bloods used

Troll blood: this acts as a steroid, increasing muscle growth, applicable strength, endurance, and others, however, it tends to induce a rage effect, causing many users to go berserk.

Dragon Blood: this often increases strength, magic ability, and vision for the duration

Fey blood: increase to cognitive ability, generally seem more sociable, and magic ability, however tends to lace it with fey empowerment, causing it to be disrupted by tin.

Demon blood: Similar to that of fey blood, but more habit forming, and often leaves symptoms similar to that of a hang over.

When properly diluted, it a some what safe temporary steroid, less so, it is more powerful but has more risks attached. Taken pure, mutation is cause almost instantly.

As a subjects introduces the alien blood to their body, mutations usually take place, causing the subject to take on properties of the original creature. Some look at this as favourable, however it still makes them less human.

troll blood tends to be the most mutative, and more easily then any other result in the subject becoming a full blooded troll, requiring no outside source, other then a steady stream of troll blood. this often makes it a less desirable steroid, and when combined to the general degradation of mental health caused by the troll blood it is by far the most dangerous. However, it is used by those requiring some quick muscle, and the regenerative property of trolls makes it desirable, finding a way into some medic bags, as a last ditch medicine.

Dragon blood allows for greater feats of strength and magic, however, prolonged use will often result in the growth of scales, mutation of the eyes, granting better night vision, and eventually becoming something similar to the Dragonborn. Rituals exist to take such a persona nd turn them into a true half dragon, and with further blood use, into a full dragon, though often a mutt, unless the blood intact is checked to make sure it has been from one type of dragon. The transformation is far from painless, and in fact could be one of the most painful things know to the MRE. The stress the feeling of yoru body ripping its self apart tends to leave the subject mad for a long period of time, and its enraged state, tends to be fatal to all involved, even the new dragon.

Fey blood, tends to make one more charismatic, magically inclined, and fickle. However, fey blood is likely the second most mutative blood type, first noticeable int he subjects ears, but this is easily hidden. Fey blooded people also tend to be able to amp up power with what they call "fey infusion" this allows them to cast a more powerful spell at less drain, but leaves it as fey magic, and thus disreputable by tin. Too much fey blood will often result in the subject becoming an elf life creature, however, with proper ritual they can become a full blooded fey. However, the end result, often has little resemble to the previous subject, their mind now that of a fey, and even though they possess the old memories, they will often have a radically different outlook and personality. Some are able to over come this for a while, but so far all have retreated from the human world after such a ritual. Those who become elves willingly are often given positions of minor power within the fey community, acting as guard captains or envoys to the human world. Where as those who become full fey, are often given special roles, and have been recruited for a specif cause.

Demon blood there is less known about, as those encountered with this alfiction are considerably evil and dealt with. however it does resemble fey blooded in some ways, but seems to make the subject mor eprone to demonic possession. As such this is widely suggested against as it is largely unknown.

Typically the MRE treats the S-blooded with suspicion, however several top agents and contact team members are of mix blood, but have proven to be trustworthy, or have had this state thrust upon them when they would have not chosen this.

MRE: Elves

Elves are the most human like of th efey. Reportedly originally from the intermingling of humans and different fey types, the actual "elf" is a broad category. Ranging in highest between three feet and 6'6 there is no 'standard' elf. However, despite this range in height there is some similarities.

All of them have proper adult proportions, All have the trade mark pointed ears and lithe bodies, and all of them lack body hair from the neck down, most from the eyebrows down.fair skinned, as well as few blemishes, making them stunning to humans, but the presence of blemish generally makes them undesirable to fey.

Beyond this, hair colour, facial features, skin colour, all all over the place. though skin tone tends to be with in the human scale, greens and blues do exist.

Elves are born between the union of a human and a fey, between two elves, or sometimes between an elf and another fey or human, however this commonly results in a child more akin to the non elf then an elf.

As well, first generation elves can be created from the overuse of fey blood. Though True elfdom takes a bit of a magic spark, most are so far gone at this point that they welcome it, often with offers of power and a place int he fey world.

However Elves are typically second class citizens, even the highest ranking being at best the lowest ranking of of a noble house. They are however commonly used as envoys to the human world, where due to their near perfect skin and lithe proportion they are seen as stunningly beautiful, and those so inclined will often attempt to use this perception for personal gain. However, if their patron finds out about this, the punishment can be rather severe, the most extreme being death.

solitary or groups (4 to 0)
3 to 18 hp.
Out of old dnd jokes.
the end.