MRE: The Fey

I wrote a guide on demons, and it wasn't really, fitting to my standards, which are shockingly low. So, i'm trying to think of better ways to work with the fey.

So, what are the fey?

The fey are in some respects nature spirits, but they aren't of this realm, in fact coming from what i am right now calling "The Green" because i'm original as fuck. However, they still represent aspects of earth's nature, similar to dragons. So that means there is fey for each spiritual element.

Earth, Wind, fire, water, wood, steel, and that's probably all of them? All that comes to mind.

So, in theory, all fey can be fit into one of the six categories. steel could be included in earth, but let's not get intot hat yet.

Anyway, so yeah each fey can be tied to these, can manipulate them to high degree and whathave you. liek the dryad is a wood fey, and as such most of their magic is related to wood (boner joke) such as tree stepping, barkskin, as well as commanding lesser wood fey creatures like ents and such what.

Nixie and nymphs would be water fey, capible of basic to more advanced hydromancy, as well as illusions and ice, and cold. Water is a powerful element, but then Water is a powerful thing.

Wind would be the domain of sylphs and pixies, be shit like flying pushing, sumoning whirlwinds, and so on. Wind is a powerful but indirect element, wind slwoly breaks you down, but can also just some in and smash you apart though for a limited time, this is soemthign that should be reflected. as well as should be storms. so a lightning fey would be a wind fey

Earth is a hard element, maybe iw on't use it since that would be they wouldn't necessarily have. i will look into it. but right now, it's with steel in that it might not be the best thing to use

Fire is the death leading to new life element. though fire destroys all it touches, in nature it brings on change. Also fire is really unrepresented in mythology. Fire is typically tied to evil forces (logically so, it destroys homes and needs to be controlled to be a tool) but i got some idears for that. right now is an unnamed branch of creature with basically the opisate sex dis morphia of that of humans. females are larger, more muscular, valuing strength and muscle, where the men are shorter whisp, this taken to some extremes, because they fey should be about the extreme. as well the Salamander could be a fey creature. id didn't tie to the demonic, so it's still up for grabs.

Steel, iunno, i kinda like the idea of elven like creatures, that are a mix of knights in shining armour and the tin man. though clearly not tin, cause for reasons i have not yet reasoned, tin fucks fey magic. maybe steel fey are the one that can get around it.

simple sprites are from every element, where as pixies are about 3 feet tall, sprites are about half that, as well, they aren't too bright. able to follow instruction, but their child like mind doesn't really let them be too useful. These are creatures often looked on with distaste and if they are tempting someone to become fey blooded quickly will be sacrificed to give them their blood.

Then there are the arch fey. who excist above others, they are not nesarily bound to an element, generally being of several, or all of them. They however aren't really born as made. Though fey are functioanlly immortal, as some age they get mor epwoerful, these will eventaully become arch fey. They are hundreds of thousands of years old, some of them lost any human like apperance they once had and now are more the elements that made them. like one would be a small lake with trees surrounding them, they are still very aware of their area, and are able to manifest a form if they need to directly interact, but it seen as petty to do so.

fey have alien minds, they don't think and reason like humans would. Urgency is not a concern, as the fey are basically immortal (even elves living for thousands of years) and come from a wholly different world. this is the hardest thing to convey, as it is being written by a human, human like motives are attached or they just seem directionless and stupid.

This is soemthing i will need to plug away on. i got some interesting ideas design wise, but it is hard to put into words.

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