MRE: Dryad

Dryads are a type of earth fey (writer note, earth and wood are now one, it makes more sense then just dirt) related to nymphs, with close ties to trees.

Each Dryad is connected to a specif tree, typically the one they are birthed from, however some are not birthed from trees, and will later find an uninhabited tree to bond with. That tree is their anchor, and while they may leave that tree at will, the more time spent apart typically the weaker they become. If the tree is destroyed, the effects can be dire on a dryad, many will not ever recover from such an event.

At a young age, dryads typically appear as young nymphs. Perfect skin, lithe bodies, outrageous coloured hair (typically colours of leaves or flowers of their tree), and always female. As they age, their skin tends to become more bark-like, and their fingers can become long and claw like. this is the first adult stage they will reach. from there they become more tree like. A full grown dryad becomes paired perfectly with her tree and can simply animate it with her will. However, many are able to take on forms of their younger selves, through methods not fully explained. though a form of astral projection is assumed.

When becoming an arch fey, they will take over any uninhabited trees surrounding them, their will and consciousness spreading to all of them until they become one in many bodies. however their original tree will remain the largest in the grove. If that is destroyed however, the recovery time is much shorter, as they have support in other bodies to keep sane.

Dryads are a female species, able to reproduce through a number of means. There is the more, human method of sexual intercourse as we know it. the female of the union will produce another dryad, the male will typically be a male of the other species, or sometimes an elf. And there is a method more akin to how plants reproduce. There is a number of insect like fey, if a male of one of these properly pollinates a dryad's tree while she inhabits it, the fruit or seeds of the tree produces from that will eventually row into trees that will bear young dryads. We are speculating on the nesary of the gender of the other fey, as none of us are proper botanists, and really are working from second hand knowledge. all we know is they are considered the father of the children born, even if they do not attempt to raise the young.

Due to the second form or reproduction dryads appear to be the species with the most controlled growth. typically living in groves of arch fey, their life is greatly affects by their arch fey. Typically a mother of many previous generations, their tree is directly influenced by the arch fey, and thus they too are directly influenced. Able to be spoken to while in their tree directly from the arch fey as well as how their tree ages, a dryad hundreds of years old, might still be in her first stages of life by the will of her great mother. while a younger sibling may be in their last phases of life.

Dryad in combat are cruel and un caring foes. At least for their opponent. Fighting on the defence of their forest they will not stop until the transgressor is dead. they are able to call on animals of the wild, as well and ents and other low ranking earth fey. It is best to avoid known dryads at all costs. 


Kongthf urf Weapon dump.

Proton Pack +2 1d10 damage 5/10 Protonic Technomogy, Anti-ghost
Proton sword, +2 1d8 Protonic, Heavy blade  Technology, Anti-ghost

Anti-ghost weapons deal full damage to insubstantial creatures.
 Protonic weapons as a catagory deals one die damage larger to undead creatures. 

Ghost trap
Close Blast 5 +6 vs Will
Target: Any bloodied insubstantial undead creatures in burst.
Target is stunned, immobilized, and can not teleport. (saves ends all)
3 failed saves: Target is imprisoned within the ghost trap. The ghost trap can not be used again until all things imprisoned are removed.
Paragon tier: +15 vs will 2 failed saves
epid tier: +i don't even know, first failed save. 

Pocket Knight: 

This small item combines the speed of a short sword, with the power of a long sword, as well has a built in shield for those travelling alone in dangerous ares, but can't afford the space or weight all these items would cost.

Short blade
+3 1d6 Heavy blade Technology, off hand, Defensive

+3 1d8 Heavy Blade Technology, defensive 

You can switch between long or short blade as a minor action, but must still follow normal handed rules. (this needs better wording)

Owlbear mace
 Owlbears are the combination of an owl, and a bear. there is no way you can combine those creatures without it being terrifying. it is a bear, with perfect night vision that can stare right into your very soul. you want some fucking mace to fight those fuckers off. And normal bear mace doesn't work. So get some owlbear mace. starting at the low low price of 4gp!

owlbearmace (heroic tier) +7 vs fort close blast 2: every creature in burst. target is dazed and blinded (save ends both)

New exotic Weapons!
One handed Range
Light Pistol +3 1d8 10/20 30gp 1lb Gun Load Free, Technology
Heavy Pistol +2 1d10 10/20 30gp 2lb Gun Load Free, Technology, High Crit, Versatile
Two handed Range
Light Rifle +3 1d12 20/40 30gp 4lb Gun Load Free, Technology
Heavy Rifle +2 2d6 20/40 30gp 5lb Gun Load Free, Technology, Brutal 1
Shotgun +2 3d4 5/10 25gp 6lb Gun Load Free, Technology, Brutal 1, High Crit.

Light Pistol holds 17 rounds in a magazine takes a move action to replace the magazine
Heavy Pistol holds 8 rounds in a magazine, takes move action to replace
Light Rifle holds 30 "
Heavy Rifle holds 20 "
Shotgun holds 6 "

Weapons with the technology keyword can only be used with basic attacks or with powers with the technology keyword

New Feat:
Gun Expertise
Requirement: most be proficient in at least 2 gun types.
Benefit: You can use weapons with the Technology keyword with powers with out the Technology keyword.
You add +1/+2/+3 to attacks using guns by tier.

Tech Expert
Requirement: Must be able to use two types of Technology weapons.
Benefit: You can use weapons with the Technology keyword with powers with out the Technology keyword.